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Large Multi-function Dental Sterilization Cabinet

⚫ It can store equipment such as sterilizer, washing machine, sealing machine, etc.
⚫ It integrates cleaning, disinfection and storage.
  • DC-27


Large Multi-function Dental Sterilization Cabinet

Dental Sterilization Cabinet


⚫ Garbage hole, you can throw garbage at any time during operation. 

⚫ More convenient.

⚫ Equipped with hidden sorting trash bins.

Dental Sterilization Cabinet

⚫ The sterilizer tray can be pulled out.

⚫ It is necessary to confirm the weight and size of the sterilizer.

Dental Sterilization Cabinet

⚫ Optional accessories: Colorful LEDE lights with remote control function.

Dental Sterilization Cabinet

⚫ Optional accessories: USB socket with lifting function.

Dental Sterilization Cabinet

⚫ Optional accessories: mask box and tissue box.

Dental Sterilization Cabinet


dental cabinet

Color and material selection( partial reference):

Dental Cabinet (1)

Other models:

Dental Cabinet (2)

Application scenarios:

Large multi-function dental sterilization cabinets find diverse applications in dental clinics and laboratories. These cabinets serve as essential equipment for sterilizing dental instruments before use, ensuring the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals. Additionally, they provide ample storage space and organization for instruments, with drawers and shelves of varying sizes for easy access. Beyond sterilization and storage, these cabinets also contribute to maintaining cleanliness, often featuring surfaces and materials that are easy to clean and resistant to bacterial growth. Furthermore, they offer protective features to prevent external contaminants from compromising instrument sterilization. Some models even come with additional functions such as drying units, storage records, and data tracking, enhancing their versatility and utility. In summary, large multi-function dental sterilization cabinets are indispensable assets in dental clinics and laboratories, guaranteeing the safety, cleanliness, and reliability of instruments while providing essential support and assurance to dental healthcare professionals.



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