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Dental Cabinet

⚫ The main body of the cabinet is made of paintless board
⚫ Table top surface is made of quartz stone
⚫ Drawers are made of wood with three sections of wheel tracks
⚫ Handles are made of aluminum
⚫ Drawer front panel is highly polished
⚫ The operating table can be equipped with optional universal shelf
⚫ LED lighting in the top cabinet
  • DC-18


Dental Cabinet

DC-18 Dental Cabinet


⚫ The main body of the cabinet is made of high-quality unpainted panels, finely carved with attention to detail to ensure durability and longevity

⚫ The stylish and elegant quartz stone counter top adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design

⚫ The cabinet is equipped with multiple wooden drawers and provides ample storage space for all your dental instruments and supplies

⚫ The drawers are equipped with smooth and sturdy aluminum handles to ensure easy access and effortless operation

⚫ The drawer fronts are carefully polished to a high sheen, adding a luxurious touch to the beauty of the cabinet

⚫ For added convenience and versatility, the operating console can be equipped with an optional swivel arm that allows you to position your tools and equipment at the most comfortable working angle

⚫ In addition, the overhead cabinets are equipped with built-in LED lights to provide ample lighting and visibility in your workspace


Top quality with best materials and accessories in China;

⚫ Our own factory with professional and talented engineers and teams with more than 26 years experiences

we adopted 3 new advanced machines (CNC fully automatic machining center, Furniture digital production design software, Digital drilling machine) to make our production more perfectly , more precise, more efficient. Digital production,accuracy improvement, quality improvement and reach international standards.We are the only manufacturer who owns these advanced machines in China,everything is automated

⚫ Besides, we have been also upgrade our quality from April, 2019.Before we used MDF board inside, and then stick high pressure laminate formica outside.From April, 2019, our cabinets have been upgrade, now we use Multilayer board, then stick high pressure laminate formica outside.Besides, the base of our cabinet also have been updated, we will also use Multilayer board and stick high pressure laminate formica.

⚫ Inspected by National Fire Prevention Building Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center


dental cabinet

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