XB-E300 Medical shadowless Operation Lamp

XB-E300 Medical shadowless Operation Lamp

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Find an impressive selection of affordable dental lights to illuminate your work area when you shop at FOINOE. We offer plenty of different lighting styles to suit just about any dental practice. These lights are designed so that they can be moved and angled in different positions to achieve the right lighting for a wide variety of tasks. Our dental lights also come from some big brands preferred by many dentists. so you know you’re getting a quality product that will perform well for years to come. Start browsing now to find the right dental lights for your practice.

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Ⅰ. The Importance of Proper Dental Lighting

In any dental exam room or surgical room, lighting is a crucial part of the design for the space. The lights used during examinations, treatments and procedures must be bright enough to create a well-lit area without making the patient uncomfortable. If the dentist or surgeon isn’t able to see the area they’re working on properly, it will be difficult to achieve the outcomes they hope for and could potentially lead to mistakes on the job. Because the mouth is such a confined space to work in, it’s critical that dental lights can be maneuvered to achieve the right lighting in any situation.

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Ⅱ. Installation


Installation method:
1. Plug and connect the terminal connectors as shown in Figure 1, to ensure reliable connection of the connector.
2. As shown in Figure 2, insert the shaft of the lamp arm and the base of the lamp into the inner hole of the lamp arm and align it with the screw hole. Tighten the hexagon socket screw with a tool.
3. Insert the trim cover into the lamp arm as shown in Figure.

Ⅲ. Working Environment


Ⅳ. Technical Parameters


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