Water Cooling Autoclave (Class B)

Water Cooling Autoclave (Class B)

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HaeTmed is one of the few manufacturers that offer water cooling autoclaves in the world.
Equipped with German water O-ring vacuum pump that is capable of reaching vacuum level of -0.96bar and
features superior suction capacity and fast heat dissipation, water cooling series is the choice for 24*7 heavy-duty sterilization.
Equipped with German water-cooled vacuum pump (vacuum level -0.96 bar) secures successful sterilization and optimal dryness of instruments in continuous operation.


Continuous operation:It is especially perfect for practices with larger sets of instruments and suitable for practices that wish to carry out several sterilization processes one after another.
Gentleness on delicate instruments:Precise temperature and pressure control in all over chamber ensure that instruments are heated evenly inside and outside to reduce its high maintenance costs.
Compact sterilization chamber:Up to five trays or three cassettes can be sterilized at the same time in the compact chamber.
Easy maintenance:External water connection(distilled water is fed from external water reservoirs automatically. After one cycle, no need of cleaning the water tank and discharge the waste water regularly.
304 Stainless steel cover:One-piece stainless steel cover is free from corrosion and oxidation, easy to clean and maintain even after long time use.

✧ German Brand、European Standard and Good Price
✧ Faster and Efficient (17min)
✧ Effective (Complete Sterilization and Extreme Dryness)
✧ No superheated steam and Completely vacuum

Imported Parts

1. German Vacuum Pump (Thomas)
2. Stainless Steel IPC Steam Generator
3. Italian Industrial Solenoid Vale
4. German Temperature Sensor
5. American Pressure Sensor
6. German Liquid Level Sensor
7. Swiss Flowmeter

Imported Parts

Fast Sterilization

Fast than air cooling series, ensures quick turnover of instruments and “one patient, one sterilization”.

7*24 hours

Advance design guarantees non-stop sterilization. No need to wait between cycles. All parts are optimized for 24*7 operation.


Precise temperature and pressure control all over chamber ensures that instruments are heated evenly inside,
thus prolongs the life of handpieces, ultrasonic scalers and other delicate instruments and brings economic value of owners.

One-touch Screen

Colored touch screen displays real time information of sterilization cycle including temperature,
pressure in the chamber and elapsed time.

Easy maintenance

Distilled water fed from external water reservoirs automatically.
After each cycle, waste water is drained from the chamber and pipes.
No extra care is needed for cleaning water reservoirs or waste water draining.


● 3-time Pre-vacuum air removed
● Extra dryness
● External water circulation
● Water Quality Monitor
● Pre-heat feature
● External water reservoirs
● Power outrage Protection
● Color LCD touch screen
● Safety Lock
● Pre-Set Timer
● Automatic upgrade with USB Driver
● Smart load monitor
● 14 programs
● Build in Large Memory
● Embedded Control System
● Independent stainless-steel steam generator

Water Cooling Series Parameters








Multi-Color LCD4.3’ Touch Screen

Door Lock

Electrical Safety Door

Device Dimensions 460mm(W)*450mm(H)*560mm(D) 460mm(W)*450mm(H)*680mm(D)
Chamber     Dimensions








Data Interface



External Printer(optional)


3 Layers Tray (5 Layer Tray is also available)

Vacuum Level


Residual Humidity


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