Ungrade Dental Chair With Massage

In line with the historical development, we ungraded the massage function of the dental chair unit.

An American dentist named Dr. Josiah Flagg invented the first dental chair in 1790.He modified a Windsor writing chair for use in his practice.
This was a plain wooden chair with a padded headrest with a tray for equipment on the side.

The first reclining dental chair was invented in 1832 by London dentist James Snell.

In 1877 Basil Manly Wilkerson designed the first dental chair of hydraulic nature, which allows a better position of the patient's back during treatment and improves working conditions for the dentist.

On to the 1950s

Dr. John Naughton invented a dentist chair with an adjustable back allowing the patient to be in a prone position. This the dental chair has been the model for all dental chairs since, with updated variations of course.

On to the 21st Century

Dental chairs today are designed with patient comfort in mind. The dental chairs are made of materials that not only contribute to patient comfort but are also easy to clean and sterilize. The chairs are now equipped with Dental Engines. These work with the chair to provide power, suction and water etc.

Foinoe upgrade the dental chair with massage

Finding the right dental chairs to purchase is one of the most important decisions for a dentist or dealer will make. Form, functionality & obviously appearance all go a long way to how patient feels when getting treatment & could be a talking point after their appointment.

In order to let patient have more comfortable experience, we also upgraded and invented the massage function of the dental chair unit, greatly enhance the customer’s feeling. this model be accepted by most customers and have good feedback.

The heating function design allows the patient to be treated comfortably in cold water.

Massage function, set different gears according to the wireless remote control, and perform the magic of relaxation.

The dental chair integrated with massage function and humanized design, enjoy life style massage lightly, so that patient can relieve tension before surgery. At the same time, it allows doctors to use massage dental chair rest to relieve waist fatigue and improve work efficiency.

Post time: Aug-18-2021

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