Dental Implant Motors: If you choose the most suitable one?

The choice of the implant motor is a very personal matter, since you must choose the device with which you feel more comfortable working.

We have a simple implant motor with and without light, you can opt for as you need,

If you were interested in an engine with more advanced functions, we also have dental implant for sale for you choose.

Some Tips for choose Surgical motor dental:

Available functions: The basic functions of torque control, speed control and reverse are available in all motors, but depending on the extra functions,you will find implant motors which can program the milling protocol of each implant system, obtain the hardness of the bone we are milling, etc.

With or without light: Motors with light, have a bulb or LED in the micro motor, which transmits light through a fiber optic to the head of the counter-angle. This allows us to see better during surgeries, but also makes the engine considerably more expensive, so before buying we must assess whether you really need this feature.

Type of Pedal: There are models with very simple pedals, which control only on/off of the engine, and others much more complex with three or four buttons to control different functions.

Maximum torque: The maximum torque offered by the engine is also an element to be taken into account.

Warranty and Technical Service: The warranty time is 2 years and on line technical service.

Implant motor Price: we can dispense with functions such as light or complex programming modes, find motors for economical implants with which to save a good amount of money.

Easy to get irrigation lines: The facility to find irrigation lines compatible with the motor, and its price, can also be a point to take into account when choosing. all the Implant Motors we offer have irrigation lines, so this point should not be a problem.

Post time: Apr-01-2022

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