Investing in Technology

You may be thinking this all sounds very cool but should you get one for your office?

Like I mentioned in the beginning, A lot of what I talk about may not necessarily have that return on investment.

When it comes to technological investments, it really depends on how much you use it and what you are using it for.

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you invest in some technology or just learn a new technique and

you can’t get patients to move forward with treatment. Well, this is typically not the case for a 3D printer since

you are already doing these procedures but are just sending them out to a lab.

Now you can do them in-house but with a quicker turnaround time and less cost.

No more pouring up or trimming models. No more worrying if a model got broken or mislabeled or lost.

These analog methods that most dentists learned in dental school are inefficient and eventually could be a way of the past.

Now, with a 3D printer, your office has the ability to reproduce a case with a few clicks.


Re-do’s can be a killer to your day’s production compared to analog methods.

You won’t have to re-impress and send out to the lab for a remake. Instead you just re-print the file that is already stored in your database software.

The patient can call and say they lost or broke their night guard or denture and you can just re-print and deliver another one.

Super cool, right?

Guess who else is going to think it’s cool. Your patients and your staff.

Staff and culture

Your assistants and staff will thank you for allowing them to get rid of pouring up and trimming models and impressions.

An intra-oral scanner along with a 3D printer will save them tons of time and space.

It also reduces the cross contamination of a bloody impression and process of disinfecting it.

Staff would much rather print than pour up a model.

Be selective who you train

Like any new system or technology you are adding to your practice, you have to train and educate your staff.

You also have to select the right staff member and can’t just pick anyone. Train those that enjoy technology and who have a lot of attention to detail.

They should be able to understand and negotiate the software and post processing responsibilities.

Staff will have fun doing it and feel part of the office and direct care to the patients.

If you have read my book or heard me speak, you’ll remember that “delegate” is my favorite word.

Wow your patients

Show patients and staff the printer. Don’t keep it hidden in your back office. Make an attempt to show them the printer in action.

Most likely they have never seen one in person.  It will be one of the most impressive things your patients and staff will experience.

Patients will be impressed and will refer their friends and family and be more likely to move forward with treatment.

Your engineer patients will be most fascinated. 3D printing has become a buzzword.

They have heard about it and it will wow them with your office’s breakthrough technology

Have some fun

You can even print some cool, non-dental stuff. Your family or kids will get a huge kick out of you printing something for them.

I also scanned and duplicated a piece for my tennis racket stringer. Woot Woot.

You will be the family hero if you bring home a miniature 3D printed version of baby yoda.


3D printing is the now and the future of dentistry. Hop on board and enjoy the ride.

Post time: Dec-11-2021

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