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Runyes intraoral scanner has fast and easy image capturing technology, which can provide reliable,accurate& complete data for digital dental impression. Providing patients with a comfortable and efficient treatment experience, our scanners make it easier for dentists to diagnose and communicate with patients. Runyes scanner is an open system scanner, which provides the access to the latest technology euipment avaliable in the market.It has a range of applications which includes digital restoration, digital orthodontics, navigation template of digital implant, etc.

01. Fast Impression Taken

Fast scanning, linear scanning speed up to 80mm/s;Full arch scanning speed up to 90s.

02.Humanized Scanner Tip Design

New smaller scanner tip, with internal heating system to keep constant temperature inside the patient mouth during scanning. The mirror angle of the scanning tip is close to 45 degrees.

03 Screw Type cable connection

New screw type cable connection ensures a better connection between the cable and the handpiece.

04Fashion and light handpiece design

The overall apperance of the handpiece is with sreamline design, the new weight of the handpiece is 210g, and the hand-held design makes the operation much more convenient and simpler.

05 New AI scanning Function

New AI function will remove extra softer tissues in real time, ensuring the smoother scanning operation and the cleaner scanned results. It can be applied to edentulous jaw optimization,caries detection and automatic labeling,etc.

06 3D Real Color

The surface texture and contrast of the scanned model are stronger;the colordistinction between teeth and soft tissues in the data is more obvious; the edges are clearer, which is helpful for doctors and technicians to do further processing.

07 Cloud Share

The scanned data can be shared with a QR code or link directly, realizing doctor-patient compatibility, communication costs reduction, and high-efficiency digital diagnosis and treatment.

08Complete online support system

Online support system, including 12 columns, nearly 100 articles, covering all aspects from basic scanning to software functions introduction, with pictures and texts, intuitive and easy to learn.

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