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Dental implant motor are using for the drilling of bone and placing of dental implant. FoiNoe dental supplies user-friendly dental implant motors from top brand from China, our implant motor available functions: The basic functions of torque control, speed control and reverse are available in all motors,

If need extra functions, we can find implant motors where can program the milling protocol of each implant system, obtain the hardness of the bone we are milling, etc.

With or without light: Motors with light, have a bulb or LED in the micro motor,

which transmits light through a fiber optic to the head of the counter-angle.

This allows us to see better during surgeries.

Type of Pedal: There are models with very simple pedals, which control only on/off of the engine,

and others much more complex with three or four buttons to control different functions.

Maximum torque: The maximum torque offered by the engine is also an element to be taken into account, which may be decisive in the choice for some implantologists.

Warranty and Technical Service: offer a warranty of one to two years,on line technical service.

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