FN-V300 Curing Light

FN-V300 Curing Light

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Name Dental Curing Light
Model FN-V300
Working Voltage AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Capacity of battery 2200mAh/3.6V
Wave Length 440-480nm
Light intensity ≥1200mW/cm2
Solidification time and depth 5s/3mm
Application It can be used for any brand of resin material

What is a dental curing light?

A dental curing light is a small piece of equipment used by dentists and dental care professionals for the polymerization of light-cured resin composites.

Once a restorative material has been placed within the mouth of the patient, a hand-held curing light is hovered directly over the tooth and

triggered to emit light over the material until it is fully hardened or "cured".

There have been significant improvements in curing lights in recent years. The earliest lights - first used in the 1960’s and 1970’s -

projected light in the ultra-violet range. Halogen lights replaced these in the 1980s, before light emitting diode (LED) curing lights arrived in the 1990’s and

went on to become the top choice among dentists.

LED curing lights produce a blue light in a specific wavelength that can be easily controlled.

They are lightweight and portable with short curing times, reduced heat generation and longer service life compared to halogen lights.

Three working models: strong, gradually strong, flashing

Use import LED, big power, intensity and longevity, save energy;

The special design of charger base can be also used for holding the handle

It can solidify 2-3mm deepness in a few seconds;

Can be used Worldwide 100V-240V With blue high sensitive brightness,

can cure the resin which the wavelength of 420-480nm

High capacity lithium battery.


1. Powerful LED lamp, 5W.

2. Touch-button design, convenient operation.

3. Heatless cold light source, can work continuously.

4. Plastic shell, nice cooling.

5. Strong working mode, time setting, 5~40s adjustable.

6. Automatic power off, low battery alert.

7. Digital display, clear and intuitive operation.

8. Screen saver function, power-saving.

9. Automatic memory from last operation.

10. Constant light intensity, stable curing.

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