FN-A3 Luxury Standard Upgrade

FN-A3 Luxury Standard Upgrade

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90°cabinet box rotation dental chair units. Made the four hand operation more convenient.

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A3 upgrade is the second generation of linkage compensation chair frame, both comfort and weight have been further improved.

The whole chair adopts die-casting aluminum back, aviation foaming environment-friendly glue injection base and die-casting aluminum two-color rotating arm.

Ninety ° the rotating box effectively solves the problem of four hand operation space; Color matching technology

has greatly improved the grade of products; with taiwan imported electric trolley, independent system control lifting, at the same time equipped with high temperature disinfection silicone pad.


*TOP mounted instrument
*1.2mm seamless PU cushion, make patients more comfortable;
*LED sensor lamp,detachable handle.
*PU leather Cushion.
*Chair position memory, 9 memories for 3 doctor and 3 memories for 3 assistants;
*Portable cart version instrument tray.

Structure Details

Leather Cushion
Seat chair position with synchronized control system
Backrest chair position with synchronized control system
Poly sponge foot sport
Three dental unit model can choose: Top mounted instrument tray/
Down mounted instrument tray and Mobile cart instrument tray
1). Detachable metal backrest with brand new chairframe, synchronized design.
2). 6LED bulbs dental light with sensor(illuminance digital display,color temperature adjustment, and anti-curing function).
3). 90°rotary side box, easy for four hand operation.
4).Removable ceramic spittoon,convenient for patients to use, easy to clean and disinfection.
5).cast aluminum rotating arm.
6).Environmental foam sponge base
7).Top mounted/down mounted/mobile tray instrument tray(touch sense panel dentist can operate with gloves)
8).Standard Doctor Stool
Luxury, atmosphere and comfort.

Natural Working Condition

Encironmental temperature


Relative humidity


Atmospheric pressure

86kPa~ 106 kPa

Rated voltage

230 Vac ±10%,5 A



Water source

-water pressure:0.20 MPa ~ 0.4 MPa

- flow:>10L/min

- hardness:<25°

Air source

air pressure:0.6MPa ~ 0.80Mpa

flow:>50L/min; Oil-free

Bearing capacity of the chair


The optional color and accessories are avaliable.

Product Details

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