best intraoral scanners 2020 scanner intraoral SHINNING 3D

best intraoral scanners 2020 scanner intraoral SHINNING 3D

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Capture Digital Impressions in Real Time

Fast, Accurate and Exceptional Scan Performance for Chairside Experience

The constant optimization and innovation of SHINING 3D‘s hardware and software system, led to the release of its latest and finest intraoral scanner, Aoralscan 3.


Faster Scan

The scan speed is 30% faster than the last generation due to Aoralscan 3′s drastically upgraded scanning technology.


More Accurate Scan

Thanks to optimized algorithms and imaging mechanism, Aoralscan 3 carries out more accurate and precise results by 30%, meeting the clinical needs of different applications.


Longer Scan Tip

Slimmer and 15% longer autoclavable scanner tips offer patients with more comfortable clinical experience.


Greater Scan Depth

Aoralscan 3 is suitable for various clinical scenarios including acquiring scan bodies and periodontal scans.



Smart and Intuitive – Smooth Scanning Experience for Dentists

With powerful and intelligent data processing capabilities, Aoralscan 3 is easy to maneuver. Even beginners can get ideal scan results in minutes.


Efficient Dentist-Technician Collaboration

Standard and Unlimited – Seamless Collaboration for Dentists and Technicians

Aoralscan 3 helps streamline the collaboration between clinics and labs to achieve efficient and effective restorative works.


Extensive Range of Applications

Restoration, Implant, Orthodontics – SHINING 3D Dental 3D Scanning Solutions

Aoralscan 3 intraoral scanner can be applied for clinical indications range spans general restorations, implants and orthodontics.

Whether through same-day chairside restorations or clinic-dental lab

workflow, it always provides a state-of-the-art user experience.

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