A8 scaler

A8 scaler

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Main unit input

DC3OV, 1.5A

Foot switch battery


Input power


Quality guarantee

host-3 years,handpiece-1 year

Receiving sensitivity


Water pressure


Vibration frequency of the tip


UItrasonic output power




Packing Size


Weight of main unit


Gross Weight


What is an ultrasonic scaler?

Ultrasonic scalers work via vibration. The speed of the vibrations knock the plaque and tartar off your teeth and do so in a fast and effective manner.

There is no scraping metal against your teeth, and the tips are tiny enough to easily access areas where manual tools may have difficulty.


Internal liquid routing made of anti-bacterial materials, clinical use of liquids, such as hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, sodium hypochlorite, all these let periodontal treatment, root canal washing effect improved greatly. Detachable handpiece, clear vision, with new packaging technology, feel more comfortable.

 Automatic negative feedback, constant power output, scalling softer.


Fast, effective scaling if used properly - light touch & short time on tooth.

Subgingival work is possible with the correct type of insert (e.g. Focus Spray Insert (FSI),

Slimline or Through Flow Insert (TFI)).


Iatrogenic heat damage to the tooth is possible if not used carefully.

Standard beavertail shape tips cannot be used subgingivally. For subgingival use, FSI, TFI or Slimline inserts are required.

Handpieces can heat up considerably during long scaling procedures, if water pressure is not consistent.

Garden water bottle reservoirs generally fail to provide a consistent and useful level of water pressure.

If an air compressor is available, plumbing the unit in provides a better result.

A8 Ultrasonic Scaler with LED handpiece with WIFI wireless foot control

1. The most advanced smart scaler in China

2. Original intelligent ultrasonic vibration technology, efficient and no pain

3. Exclusive patent, wireless foot control

4. Quality assurance, 3 years warranty

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