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Up And Down Split Modular Dental Cabinets

  • The top surface is made of quartz stone
  • Modular
  • with sink
  • The main body of the cabinet is made of lacquer-free board
  • Drawer front panel is highly polished
  • Handles are made of aluminum
  • Drawers are made of wood, with three pieces of wheel tracks
  • DC-16


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We are proud to introduce our top and bottom split modular dental cabinets, which are the perfect addition to any dental office. These cabinets are professionally designed to provide function and style for your dental office.


· The tops of these cabinets are carefully crafted and made of high quality quartz to ensure durability and a stylish look

· Modular design is easily customizable, allowing you to create layouts that fit your specific needs

· Equipped with a convenient sink, these cabinets provide a practical solution for your dental procedures

· The main body of the cabinet is made of high quality unpainted board to ensure longevity and wear resistance

· The drawer fronts are carefully polished to give off a high gloss finish, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design. Aluminum handles provide a sturdy grip and enhance the professional aesthetic of the cabinet

· The drawer itself is made of wood and features a three-stage slide for smooth, easy operation. This ensures easy access to your dental instruments and supplies, making your workflow more efficient

Invest in our top and bottom split modular dental cabinets to enhance the functionality and appearance of your dental practice. With their best-in-class functionality and professional design, these cabinets are perfect for any dental professional seeking excellence.



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