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Enjoy the comfortable mobile tray dental chair

⚫ The second generation of new upgrade chair a linkage to compensate the chair frame design,back of a chair can adjust 90°
⚫ >60° regulate headrest
⚫ Enjoy Ceramic Remobanle High-end materials, creat a good chair,enjoy the luxury.
⚫ Detachable disinfection and easy to clean
⚫ Bright Light to Creat a Timeless Classic
  • FN-A1(T)


Enjoy the comfortable mobile tray dental chair

A1 adopts the second generation linkage compensation chair design, environmental protection PU leather cushion, easy to clean; doublewater storage bottle design; reflective LED oral lamp.Rotate 180°the upper and lower armrest design, injection leg drag design, at the same time perfectly solve the convenience of patients in the process of the treatment.with taiwan imported electric trolley, independent system control lifting, at the same time equipped with high temperature disinfection silicone pad; It can realize the simple operation of planting, and is more convenient and practical.


⚫ Smooth Electromechanical Unit chair

⚫ 6 handpiece holder

⚫ Double water bottles design

⚫ Foot controls hand piece and offers water on/off toggle and chip air blower,6 in 1 foot pedal.

⚫ Rotating one piece cuspidor, can movable, with Aluminum outlet.

⚫ Back light Touch pad control of patient chair for doctor and assistant.

⚫ General Switch For Water, air, electricity.

⚫ Press type headrest control;

⚫ Separate pure water and disinfectant system.


⚫ LED Operation Lamp with Anti-cure mode;

⚫ Timotion Brand Motor(Taiwan);

⚫ Standard doctor stool;

⚫ 2 X 3-way syringes,each at doctor and assistant side;

⚫ 3 X four-hole handpiece tubing with coupler (2 X High, 1 X low);

⚫ 1 X High-volume Evacuator (HVE) and 1 X Saliva Ejector.

⚫ 1 X Multi-function foot controls.

⚫ Ceramic spitton bowl;

⚫ USA hose (handpiece hose and suction hose),pipes from Germany or USA.

⚫ Seamless 1.2mm PU Leather Cushion.

⚫ Small X-Ray viewer.

Natural Working Condition:

Encironmental temperature


Relative humidity


Atmospheric pressure

86kPa~ 106 kPa

Rated voltage

230 Vac ±10%,5 A

Water source

-water pressure:0.20 MPa ~ 0.4 MPa

- flow:>10L/min

- hardness:<25°

Air source

air pressure:0.6MPa ~ 0.80Mpa

flow:>50L/min; Oil-free

Bearing capacity of the chair




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